More about us

Our Church Building


The church is a spectacular 19th century building in good repair with a Grade 2 listing in a local Conservation Area and has a prominent location on a main road. It is set in well kept grounds that we use for picnics, barbeques and other outreach activities.


About 20 years ago extensive work was carried out on the Church to modernise its interior and make it much more flexible - using chairs rather than pews. Subsequently much additional work has been done to  provide a large kitchen, several side rooms for different activities, plenty of toilets and pleasant grounds. There is a well-equipped office suitable for two people within the church.

Our organ was gifted to another church a few years ago and the significant space it leaves provides a great opportunity to expand the number of smaller meeting spaces within the church.  We're excited about the opportunities this presents and have been considering how best to take this forward.  


Other Buildings

Our Hall is a few minutes walk away from the church, towards Cricklewood Broadway. It has also been extensively improved in the last few years to make it more usable for church meetings, one-off lettings or short courses. We have no long-term regular bookings.


Above the Hall is a two bedroom flat that was renovated several years ago and is rented out to provide additional income.


The Church has a vicarage half a mile away. It is a substantial 4 bedroom house built in the 1930’s. It was extended about 20 years ago. More recently it has had a new heating system and had all windows replaced. See it here on Google Maps.


Until recently the church had use of another house for a curate. This is owned by the diocese and, whilst we don’t currently have a curate, it is rented out to fund curacies elsewhere in Willesden area.


Our Finances, Annual Report and more statistics 

We have a fantastic Finance Team including the vicar and treasurer, who discuss, research and make recommendations to the Church Council.

A 'user friendly' summary of our 2018 accounts are attached here. This includes information on how we arrange our finances, and our expectations and ambition for 2019.

We have also included this year's annual report here for you to learn more about what has been going on in the last year.

You can also find some information on trends and statistics for the parish that are produced for us by the diocese here.


Our Local Community

If you don't know where we are and how to find us, there's information here

Cricklewood has a constantly changing population with nearly two thirds of people not originally from the UK and one third not speaking English as their first language.

The community has a very transient character, partly due to high costs of houses and flats forcing people to move further out of London in order to buy a place of their own or have enough space for a family. 


Just under half of local residents would describe themselves as Christian and just over a quarter identify with a non-Christian religion (much higher than the national average).


This provides a wonderful opportunity for us to reach many people who don’t know Jesus. We have built good relations with our neighbouring mosque.


The area is younger than the national population, with just over half between 18 and 44. St Gabriel's itself has a slightly older age profile, shown in the graphic below. 

We are blessed by our diocese in the provision of much more detailed statistics and research on our parish that you can download and read here


St. Gabriel's is part of the New Wine network of churches and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

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