About us

Who we are


We are a diverse community that welcomes new people, and seeks to worship and serve God in many ways. When we asked everyone who is part of St. Gabriel's for the words or phrases that best summed us up the responses were as shown below:

What we do


On this page we've tried to capture a flavour of what's going on at the moment - throughout the week and the year. It's not exhaustive. But equally we're open to what God might want us to differently, or not do, in the future.  


We hold two services every Sunday. At 10.30am we have a lively family service. The first Sunday we stay together for 'all age' worship. Other Sundays we run four different groups for our children and young people, whilst adults have an informal worship service or Holy Communion using Common Worship liturgy. At 6:30pm we have a quieter, reflective service, including Holy Communion twice a month.

Our services are relaxed in style, and include sung worship led by our band. They incorporate a time for prayer ministry either during or at the end of the service. 

Sung worship

We love to spend time meeting with God as we sing to Him. Where possible we try to have an extended period of worship to give people time to enter into God's presence. We occasionally have a morning or evening of combined worship and prayer. The YouTube link here has some songs we are enjoying at the moment. 


Children and youth activities

In addition to the four groups at our 10.30am Sunday morning service we run a range of activities including:


  • a youth group on Friday evenings

  • social outings and trips for our young people

  • an after-school outreach church (“the Ark”)

  • an Easter holiday club and a very popular 'Light Party' at Hallowe'en

Daytime ministry


Three days per week we open the church to pre-school children and their parents or carers.  Little Angels includes stories, songs and creative play. Twice a week we run a cafe. Alongside that, Boogie Angels is a music and movement session. Thursday Worship includes sung worship with instruments and a time of prayer. This informal worship time has seen real growth in recent years.

Each morning involves between 60 and 110 people (children and carers) from across the different communities in our local area.  We offer a space that people from all backgrounds can enjoy, and where we can be intentional about our faith. 

Occasional events


We love to put on events throughout the year that bring us together as a community and allow us to share St. Gabriel's with our friends and the people around us. Here are some recent examples of activities we've been publicising to members and our friends and neighbours.

Food is always an important part of those events, and we have a bold claim that we are 'Never knowingly under-catered'!

Other activities we run

Community night and English classes


Over many years we have repeatedly had pictures or words of knowledge about St Gabriel's being a church without walls, and of light going out from our doors and drawing people in. We have also had similar words reminding us that punching holes in the walls can be messy!

Mission Partnerships

We are an Anglican church rooted in our parish focus in Cricklewood. We love to partner with neighbouring churches with that same love for our area. We embrace the part we play within the London diocese and its inspiring 2020 Vision. However, we recognise that God's mission is much wider than St Gabriel's. We partner at three levels in financial giving and prayer support:
 - Locally, including in our financial support of other Anglican churches in the area

 - Nationally, including our membership of New Wine and Evangelical Alliance

- Internationally, including support for missionaries in Turkey, and Christian projects in Northern Uganda. These partnerships are based on individual relationships with people working in these areas. 

Meet the Staff 


Our amazing staff team are primarily focused on enabling the much wider team of volunteers to run the many and varied activities that go on every week around the church. You can find out a little more about what they do below.

Church Manager
Community Minister
Children & Youth Coordinator
Christians Against Poverty Centre Manager